Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Little "J": Sulphur Time

Mike, Jared and I left Farmington at 5:30am Monday morning and headed up to the Little J. It was a very cold day, morning air temperatures were in the high 30's with the day time temps never hitting 60. It was a blue bird day which usually isn't the recipe for good fishing. We started out the morning fishing pheasant tail nymphs and copper john's. Mike picked up 4 very quickly while Jared and I struggled to hook a fish. We fished nymphs till about 1pm, I ended up catching 5, mike got 8 or so and Jared hooked into a few as well. Once the air temps starting warming up so did the bugs. Sulphur's starting coming off very heavy from 1:30-6pm. We saw the most fish rising from 3pm-6pm. I had a ton of action on a Grey Fox imitation at first, then I switched to a #14 Sulphur Comparadon and got into a bunch of fish. I thought a Grey Fox was hatching for the first 2 hours and not a Sulphur but Mike ensured me that all the bugs were just different shades of Sulphur Mayflies. The fish were picky at times and not so picky at other times. The three of us caught over 40 fish for the day. Did not see many fishermen either which was good. We stayed around till dark but didn't get a spinner fall. The beginning of the Sulphur hatch at the J is on.

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