Sunday, February 9, 2020

Caddis Larva

Consistent Fishing All Winter Long

The mild weather continues in the Bozone as of late. I've been busy with work but have kept fishing when I can, mostly on local waters. Lower sections of some freestoners are ice free which is abnormal for this time of year. One day while struggling to get into fish I managed to pick up up and pumped it's stomach to see what it had been eating. Tons of green and tan caddis around the #16-#12 size came out. This has changed my action over the past few weeks to absolute madness. The catching has been crazy and I've enjoyed every minute of it! I haven't tossed a midge or RL in 3 weeks. JCN has been one of my go to patterns with a tag rotation of Bubble Yums and Walts Worms. Hopefully this warmer then normal temp keeps up....if it lasts a few more weeks I think the deep freeze that usually consumes Montana will be less likely.

Trout Are Eating Well This Winter
Winter Paradise 


  1. I always look forward to your posts. Been trying to learn to fish the mono rig on the Flathead with poor results will come.
    Nice work.

    1. Keep at it man. Took me an entire year and countless outings before I started to dial it in. If your ever in the southwestern part of the state hit me up!

  2. I just want to say thanks for your wonderful post,Very enjoyable to visit this blog and find something exciting and amazing.

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    I think you not ever Seen this type of traditional and primitive fishing!!!


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