Saturday, October 1, 2011

Archery In The Rain

The opening morning of archery season was a cold one. The temperature was 45 degrees with light rain and 5-10 mph winds. Being cold and damp is no fun, but the weather couldn't keep my brother, dad and I from venturing out into the woods. I hunted the Oak Flat stand, Billy in the Cross Over and Dad was in his stand above the plant. I saw two deer at first light walk 15 yards from me, hard to tell what they were but I think a doe and fawn. About 30 minutes later I saw two other does trotting up the main trail...the mule might have scared them. At about 8:30 I had a button buck browsing around me for about 25 minutes. Billy saw no deer in his stand but on our way out below dads stand we kicked up 2 doe and 1 smaller buck. Dad had 2 button bucks under him the whole morning and saw one while waking in.

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