Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wildlife: Yellowstone National Park

One of the many Bison herds at Yellowstone

The elusive wolf
The minute you get into the park wildlife is everywhere! It seriously is like driving through an African Safari. This makes driving from location to location extremely fun. The bison out numbered any other animal in the park. Madison Campground had a bunch of Elk in the area. We ended up seeing a Grizzly Bear on Mount Washburn ( one day after we hiked it thank god) and came very close to a Badger while fishing Slough Creek. By far the most wildlife of any National Park I have been too. AWESOME!

Elk at Madison Campground
Beautiful Bald Eagle

Big Bull Elk on the Madison River

Mountain Goats off Grand Loop Road

Badger on Slough Creek Yikes!

The Grand Daddy Of Them All.....GRIZZLY!

Random Bird At The Tetons


Mule Deer At The Tetons
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