Friday, November 2, 2012

Archery Report

It's been awhile since I last posted an archery report so here is the update. I took my buck home to get mounted and ended up sticking around to hunt on Monday. I ended up hinting the new crossover location at night and stuck a mature doe at 545 pm. Just like that 2 out of 3 tags were filled 2 weeks into the season.

Fast forward 2 weeks later. My brothers favorite day to archery hunt is on Halloween. Hurricane sandy made the hunting challenging but we stuck it out in the snow and cold and decided to go out. Billy was in the crossover and had a really nice 8 point venture his way at 820 am. I'll let him get into more details but it fell to his bow 45 yards from where he shot him.
Andy and I decided to try and get some footage of him shooting a deer and set up a hang on in the crossover. We sat 2 different times in this location and saw 4 bucks throughout the day, unfortunately none of them were shooters. Billy and my dad both saw bucks in the field ladder and the laurel stand but Billy's was the only legal buck, a good 6 point. I hunted one last evening yesterday and had a really nice 8 point walk by me at the Oak Flats.

Billy and Andy both went out this morning, Andy's luck of seeing small bucks continued as he grunted in a spike at the laurel stand. Dad and Billy went back out tonight and saw a bunch of deer including the annoying 3 point that seems to be showing his face way too often around the stands. Right now it seems tons of smaller bucks have been showing theirselves during all hours of the day searching for does. I think in the next few days with the weather finally breaking the big boys will run into either my dad or Andy at some point .

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