Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Caddis Crazy

Big Hooked Jaw Bow
Garrett and I fished the river from 6:45pm-dark tonight. The river was flowing at 1,500 cfs with a water temperature of 53 degrees. We fished under partly sunny skies with an air temperature of 85 degrees.

Garrett threw on a March Brown Dry and I rigged up a nymph rig to start the evening out. We each worked through a few good spots that usually hold fish but we couldn't move a thing. We worked our way down stream and Garrett saw the first rise of the night and ended up connecting right away on his March Brown and also missed another fish. I quickly followed his lead and changed my rig to a March Brown. I saw a few fish rising as a worked my way down river and managed to fool one of the fish with my Catskill imitation. The fish was a plump 20+ inch rainbow that got in my net then flopped out, the best fish of the night and I didn't manage to get a picture.
17 Inch Brown Loving The Tan Caddis

From 8pm-dark the action picked up as the Tan Caddis that were around last week decided to show up again in incredible numbers. Pods of fish were rising in front of the two of us and we each managed to land a few fish and missed even more. There were no signs of Green Drakes or Sulphurs yet, most likely due to the cold water still, hopefully in a few days things start to heat up, those Sulphurs like to get the big browns up and feeding!


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