Monday, June 1, 2009

Coffin Flies and Cahills: The Whaleback Way

Water 1500 cfs with good clarity. Water temperature around 52 degrees. The weather for once was great, lots of clouds and no rain. Went down to the river with my buddy Jared for the evening. Got to the parking lot around 6:30ish and it was full of anglers. First time all year I saw anyone else fishing. Got to our destination around 7pm. The bug activity was on as soon as we arrived, Cahills, Sulphurs, March Browns, Crane flies and Tan Caddis were hatching sporadically. Around 7:30 started to see the first of some Coffin flies. Jared picked up a HUGE browny on a Catskill Cahill imitation. Around 8pm the Coffin flies appeared in good numbers and the fish started working them. I landed 3 and missed 1, Jared landed 1 and missed 2. Best action of the year on top. 10-15 fish working the surface, for this river it was a great night. I saw no adult Drakes hatching so I think the hatch is over, Coffin flies should be around for the next few nights, it's worth the trip if you can make it.

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