Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fishing Report 7/7/2009

Water 751 cfs, 58 degrees and clear. About the same conditions as last night, water a little warmer but not much. Fished the same spot as last night with Jared and a new one but caught ZERO fish. It was the complete opposite of last night. Turned one on a #4 white zonker, missed one on a Slate Drake and caught 1 on a #20 Copper John. Slake Drakes were hatching in heavier numbers then last night, saw two rise and a bunch of fingerlings sipping the surface. I don't know if that 2 degrees made all the difference or what but nothing was happening tonight. The river was came up slightly while fishing, maybe that had the effect. I would love to know why this stream is so moody, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to find out. I'll try it again tomorrow night if I have time.

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