Monday, August 10, 2009

Fishing Report 8/10/2009

Water 874 cfs below upper access. Fished 1/2 mile below upper access tonight from 6:00pm-dark. Met my dad and his buddy, a few fish were rising to caddis when I got there. Haven't seen much top water action in awhile. We caught about 10 fish on an assortment of flies, stimulators, Hares Ears, Wet Flies and Copper Johns. I caught 3 on a, hope this keeps up because it is my favorite fly to fish on the river. We caught all species of trout tonight except for a tiger trout. Seemed like the caddis flies were out in greater numbers then previous nights. Might have something to do with the water being colder then down by town. One of the better evenings I have had for weeks on the river.

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