Sunday, August 16, 2009

North Woods Loop: Hidden Valley

I tried a new trail on Fire Tower Road near Hidden Valley. I started by going left on the power line and went across Route 31. There is a snowmobile parking lot on the left and a trail that starts at the end of the parking lot. I rode this till it hit the second paved road, from there we took a right past the cabin and continued up the hill. I tried following a 10 mile loop we read about in a book but we got sidetracked and lost our way. We ended up riding 1/4 mile up route 31 which wasn't too much fun. I would say I only rode about 3 miles of the loop. It was mostly dirt single-track with loose rocks. The downfall to the trail was all the horse tracks in it. Made the riding muddy and mediocre at best. Some of the ride was through cool meadows with tons of yellow flowers. I ended up riding the Jones Mill Run Loop to finish off the trip. I would like to try this loop again in the fall and hopefully not get lost.

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