Monday, March 22, 2010

Hunting The Elusive Brook Trout

Had the day off work and decided to get my fishing equipment out for the first time this year. It's crazy how fast the seasons change these days! Two weeks ago I was still skiing. The local waters are all flowing high so Steiner and I decided to hunt some Native Pennsylvania Brook Trout in the Laurel Highlands. We went to one of my favorite spots in the mountains and when we got there I could tell the stream had some volume to it. The vegetation is nowhere near ready to sprout so the casting was easier then when I usually fish this stream. We fished my normal holes and picked up 1-2 fish on a black woolly bugger and a black caddis. At about 2pm little black stone flies started coming off and where on the water. Saw a few fish rise and the action heated up. We hiked about .69 miles from the car and ended up catching about 10 fish between the two of us. We fished water I never attempted before and it was very productive, got into some bigger fish the higher we hiked. It seemed at about .50 miles the water opened up and the runs got deeper. It was flowing so fast that our techniques were not effective. In another month or so I will attempt to revisit this location when dry flies are the main course for these fish. Mike moved a fish that was 12 inches + so I am sure he will be back with me.

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