Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fishing Report: 4-01-2010

I met my brother down at the feeder around 5:30pm today. My brother caught 1 by the bridge then we headed down to the cascade hole. Someone just got out of the water when we arrived so we decided to fish the water below. This section has great holding water for trout but it is doubtful they get down here to stock it. Even so we hooked into 2 fish, one being a nice 16+ inch brownie. I turned a few more in the rough water but that was it. There were a decent number of black stoneflies coming off but not much top water action. Also saw a few Mayflies hatching but couldn't catch one to see what they were. If the Game Commission could ever float stock this water it would improve the fishery dramatically. Needless to say it was 80 degrees and sunny, great day to be out on the water!

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  1. it could be float stocked. Would take some coordination with Trout Unlimited and some volunteers. CRTU has access to some float stocking equipment