Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mountain Biking In Sedona: Round 2

10 days of vacation came and went too fast! I wanted to end our trip on a great note so we decided to mountain bike one more time before I left. I woke up at 7:30am and headed down to the Bike and Bean to get our rides. I rented a different bike this time, The biggest difference was navigating over big boulders, my balance was out of whack. I decided on doing a new loop that started out on Bell Rock Pathway once again. I rode this section till it hooked up with Llama Trail. This trail was great single-track riding with smooth climbs and ascents. Llama T-boned into Little Horse Trail, which was more technical then anything I had ridden so far. I had to get out and walk on some of this trail because the climbs were very rocky and steep. This trail took me to a beautiful outlook on top a few mesas called chicken point. From there I hooked up with the Broken Arrow trail, by far the most challenging trail I had ridden. Very steep climbs with rocks everywhere but the downhills were fun. The lookout from this trail was phenomenal all the way to the road. I decided to take 179 North back to Oak Creek because I was running short on time. I am not disappointed that I did this, it was fun to take in the views one last time. In all I rode another 16 miles and my butt definitely felt it. I would come back and ride here in a heartbeat, maybe try some trails closer to Sedona next time but definitely hit up the Templeton Loop again. Great Mountain bike area, go there if you can!

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