Friday, April 23, 2010

Summary Of Sedona

After the wedding on Sunday Sarah and I headed up to Sedona for the next 7 days. (still hear actually, waiting for Sarah to get done at the spa!) On the drive up I17N from Phoenix you climb a little mountain pass after an hour of driving then it opens up into an awesome site. You can see the famous red rock formations from a distance around Oak Creek and Sedona and also snow capped Mt. Humphrey's peak in Flagstaff. Sedona and Oak Creek are very close to each other and are situated in the midst of spectacular Red Rock Buttes and Mesas. The views are breathtaking and better then I had expected. Each town has many art shops and food dining options. The main recreational activity is hiking and biking. There were hundreds of people out each day on the 100 of miles of trails. Neither place had that young outdoor vibe that Lake Tahoe or Colorado displayed when I visited, but there is definitely the potential. Sedona is located about 2 hours from the Grand Canyon and 45 minutes from the mountain town of Flagstaff. So if you are planning an outdoor vacation, Sedona might not come to your mind at first but should be considered. The mountain biking was the best I have ever ridden and the hiking was up there as well. Oak Creek Canyon is about 15 minutes away and the geography turns into a the typical Pine Forest you see in the Rocky Mountains. The other popular activity to do is a Jeep Tour. We did one and it was awesome, you get to see the back country of the area and learn about the different geographic features of the terrain. The night-life is lacking but if you plan on hiking and biking each day this doesn't matter. The micro-brews were so-so, Oak Creek Brewery isn't on my top list for beers. There is plenty to do in a week of time and we still didn't get to go everywhere we wanted. All in all this was an awesome time and great recreational vacation.

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