Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jonathan Run Trail: Ohiopyle State Park

Today was one of those days. I headed out around 10am this morning hoping to get some miles in at Laurel Mountain. When I got to my parents house I realized I forgot my clip in shoes for my bike! I got to visit family which was great but didn't ride at Laurel. When I got home I decided to give Ohiopyle a try again. I decided to hit up the Jonathan Run Trail. The first 1 mile was a very nice flowing single track trail with the majority of the surface dirt. There was some nice root sections along with some rock sections. I rode the trail down to the bike path hoping to find a loop that would take me back a different way. I found the junction of Kentuck Trail but there are no bikes allowed on it! What a bust. So I climbed back out of the valley to the junction of Sugar Run Trail. The climb out is very doable and will get your heart pumping. Anyways I decided to hit Sugar Run Trail. This single-track ride was more technical and fun then Jonathan Run. There were a few flat sections of the trail but most of the ride is on a gradual rise up the valley. Nothing too bad, but by the top I was breathing hard. I encountered Sugar Run Road at the top of the climb and decided to ride it back to the parking lot. The ride on the road had a mix of steep descents and a few steep climbs. I ended up riding about 8.25 miles and it took me about 1.5 hours to complete. This is not an accurate account of how long the loop is, I ended up riding the Yough bike trail for about .75 miles toward Bruener Run Take-Out looking for another trail. I found another set of rocks to climb below School House Crag on my way down though. This was by far the best ride I have done in Ohiopyle, I would recommend it to anyone new to the area.

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