Tuesday, September 21, 2010

South Platte River: Dream Stream

After the first night at the campground below Deckers with no water we broke down and had to leave. We ended up driving to Woodland Park and grabbed a hotel there. I would say this is 35-45 minute drive from Deckers but if your looking for a hotel room this would be the place to stay. We work up early on our last day of the trip and drove to the Dream Stream Section of the South Platte. This section is located in South Park through a meadow with 14,000 peaks in the background. Very picturesque setting to cast some flies. There are 3 miles of water to fish here and 3 places to park. We stared off in the middle parking lot and started fishing. We hooked into fish more frequently here, right off the bat I had a better feeling about this stretch then Cheesman Canyon. I guess the fish populations were not at the levels they usually are because of the low water, a majority of the them swam back into the reservoirs and hadn't returned at that point. Even so, we still caught 20 or so fish between the 3 of us, mostly nice 14+ inch brownies. The tricos came off here as well and more fish were tuning into them. I can't imagine this stretch when there are 7,000 fish per mile! I would recommend coming to this section if you are in the Deckers Area for sure. Very fly-fisher friendly with casting, I guess the wind posses a problem on a regular basis but if your hooking into hogs I don't think you would care that much.

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