Monday, October 4, 2010

Archery Report: 10-03-2010

Headed out to the woods for the first time this year. Decided to hunt my power line tree which produced great results last season. Hunted from 5pm-dark, winds were blowing 4-8 mph toward the pines, the temperature was 49 degrees with overcast skies. I heard some grunting noises coming from across the road at about 6:20pm. I listened hard and thought for a moment it was a buck grunting.......but no way, too early for that right? About 10 minutes later I heard a closer grunt that came from behind me. I turned my head in the direction of the sound and sure enough a nice 8-point was cruising through the woods with his head down! It seemed like he was heading for the noise that was coming from across the road. I grunted myself to stop him, took aim......and missed! I misjudged the distance by 8 yards but luckily missed him cleanly. I had a knot in my throat when I went down to locate blood. My season could of been a success with only 3 hours in the woods! Oh well, I need to chalk it up and hope I get another shot at this guy, he was pretty close to what I shot last season. I didn't get to do much spotting this off season so the one positive that came from tonight is my honey hole is still producing deer sightings. I am confident this spot will produce another chance by the end of the season if I stick to it.

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