Friday, October 8, 2010

Archery Report: 10-8-10

Andy and I headed out morning from 6:45am-11am. The weather was great, 42 degrees, no wind and lots of sunshine. I put Andy in a tree close to where I saw that 8 point on Monday. I walked up the hill about 75 yards from him and deeper into the woods. At about 7:20am I saw a tail behind me, it was a young buck with an OK rack but not great. It was still slightly dark so I wasn't positive how many points it had but I would guess a 4 point or 6 point. The buck come within shooting range but I decided not to bother and let him go, he knew something was up because he was on alert until he passed me. About 15 minutes later Andy saw 2 does cross the road, they ended up passing me, both were very small, came within 5 yards then spotted me and walked away. Each time I see deer here it is either very early or very late. All deer are walking to their bedding area or eating area. I know where they are eating......not sure where they are sleeping. I am heading back out in a few hours, might try to seek the bedding area..........

Went back at around 4pm. It was very warm and sunny, 68 degrees with a slight wind. I hiked up to the top of the gravel road and hung my stand near the pines. At about 6pm a big doe came chomping through the area, never saw me but I passed her up. I really need to get a truck so I can finally stick one of these things!

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