Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Creek BWO - Kind of

Hit Spring Creek on Sunday April 3, for some early season fishing, and it was worth the trip. I piled out of the chevy around 10:30am for what I thought would be a late start, and quickly assembled my gear. The first hour showed little promise with only a few small fish that I had to work very hard for, then the switch was flipped. Right around noon my mercury baetis nymph and my beadheaded Pheasant tail started to produce better, the better still with every fifteen minute window. The hatch had begun and although it was mediocre at best, the buttery wild browns of Centre County had a hankerin for Blue Winged Olives. In one hundred yard stretch of pocket water, well that managed to keep my attention for the next two hours with little time between hook ups and fly replacements. Awesome action, Spring Creek at its finest - almost. Once the need for fish settled down, I wanted top water fishing, and just above me was a nice long slick. I moved in closer and foung very few fish rising, but changed to the Sparkle Comparadun anyhow. I did manage to stick a few on top, which was the first top water action of 2011 for me. I spent the next hour and a half walking the stream looking for risers, but found few. Another round of nymphing produced better results but the Olives were off for the day, which wrapped up around 5:00pm. A quick stop for a sloppy cheesesteak dinner at CC Peppers and back to Latrobe I went! I would guess that if the high water ever recedes in the next two weeks that similar scenarios may happen often. Suit up, ITS ON!

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