Monday, August 15, 2011

Allegrippis Trails: Raystown Lake

I headed up to Raystown Lake for a family camping trip this weekend. I have never been to this area and was surprised with the amount of outdoor recreation there was here. Numerous State Parks surround the area and there are many trail systems around the lake as well. I decided to ride Buck Trail to Doe Trail, then connected Sleek Dog Trail with Fawn trail to make a 5.5 mile loop. The riding reminded me a lot of Sedona, very smooth trails that flowed almost perfectly. There was not too much technical stuff as far as rocks and roots go. It almost felt like a BMX track at times but man was it fun! I found myself with a smile the entire ride and would come back for more in a heartbeat. The trail map I got had a ton more options to ride I just didn't have enough time to explore. I would rate this a 5 star next to Laurel Mountain for PA rides.

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