Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pioneer Straights

The weather today was cloudy with a high temperature of 60 degrees. The water was flowing at 880cfs and the water temperature was 55 degrees. . The "Pioneer Straights" as I will call it is mostly filled with slow, deep poles. I started casting my nymph rig at 5pm. I worked through the entire section and didn't move a fish. I threw on a streamer for my last ditch effort but didn't get any action. The bug life was extremely disappointing, only a few caddis flies were in the air. I didn't like this section that much, not enough structure for my liking. I did see 1 fish rise at the end of the pool. I tied on a #14 tan caddis and while I was stripping it back a nice brown took it, I fought him for 2 seconds and he got off. Not a very productive night.

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