Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hog Johnson

Billy, Andy and I fished the river tonight from 6:30pm-dark. The water was flowing at 980 cfs with a water temperature of 62 degrees. It was another hot, bright and sunny day and the cool water was just what I needed after work. Andy and I headed up to an area he fished the other night and spotted some big fish near the bank. I got out into position and hooked into a beautiful 20 inch brown trout. I had a great fight with him and got him into the net. I could of put the rod away after that but decided to keep fishing. About 10 yards from where I caught him I spotted another bigger fish. One cast and the brown hit my streamer imitation hard! The fish was on and man was it brutal. This fish took me to my backing 3 times! After a tough 15 minutes of fighting my brother finally helped me net him. Might be my biggest trout to date. He is right around the 27 inch mark.

We continued to fish throughout the night and I only landed 1 more fish. Billy had good success with a #20 Rusty Spinner and Andy also landed a few on a Coffin Fly and Sulphur Spinner. The fish went nuts at dark but we had some trouble connecting on a regular basis. This will be a night I won't forget!


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