Monday, July 16, 2012

Upper Big Thompson River: Rocky Mountain National Park

On our hike back down to the trail head I decided to fish a few sections of the Upper Big Thompson River from "The Pool" down to the car. The stream follows the trail in a few sections making access easy, and other parts that flow away from the trail have footpaths to get back to the steam. The water in this section has some serious flow to it, the fast water and different currents make getting a good drag free drift challenging, especially the first 1 mile below "The Pool." Still there is plenty of good holding water and I managed a few fish on a #14 Lime Trude. There were tons of anglers fishing so getting a piece of water to myself was challenging. The biggest reward came when I fooled a Greenback laying next to a log in fast moving water. There are tons of fish in this section, when the water gets down to normal summer flows I would imagine many good days with dry flies are had. If your looking for small mountain stream fishing it doesn't get any better then the Big Thompson above the meadow.

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