Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Old Faithful: Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful

View From Observation Point

Mindy and I decided to get the tourist thing out of the way and venture down to Old Faithful on day #1 of our trip. We hung out until the geyser blew ( every 90 minutes) and took a trail network around the other geysers in the area. I would recommend doing the 2.1 mile Observation Point Loop. It takes you above the basin and gives you a better perspective of all the active geysers in the area. We then took the path all the way down to the Morning Glory Pool which is worth the hike because of how cool it looks. We got lucky and got to see the Grand Geyser blow which only happens once a day. This was by far more violent and destructive then Old Faithful, totally worth waiting around for it. The paths around the area are constructed very well, easy to walk and signage is everywhere making it easy to get around. Most of the tourists watch Old Faithful and leave the area, totally missing out on the other attractions in the area. Our mileage total was around 5 miles with the Observation Point Loop included.

Weird Spring

Unique Colors

Morning Glory

Riverside Geyser
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