Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Penns Creek 5-1-13 thru 5-4-13

The crew headed up to Penns Creek for 4 days of fishing last week, and as usual this water was scenic, bug rich, and just plain awesome.  Matt, Andy, Dad, Marc Billet, and myself decided to fish the bottom end of the creek for the very first time.  We camped a few miles below Weikert and wanted to explore this "new" water.  We fished many miles of water from Glen Iron up thru the Project and discovered that while the Project was spectacular as usual, the open water held up its end of the bargain too.

Each new stretch of river fished gave up multiple hook-ups, and showed the bug life Penn's is famous for.  The days gave us a sampling of remaining Hendricksons, up start March Browns, Tan and Black caddis, small olives, ubiquitous crane flies, and a solid brown stonefly.  Dry fly fishing was best on spinner falls in the evenings, but some persistence with March Brown duns also paid dividends.

Nymphing brought the most trout to the net though.  A full box of ties encompassing each and every subaquatic genera was the menu the trout responded to.  This stream certainly pushes the angler to be aware of the lifeforms available to the fish, and the tier to match them all.  If it was easy it wouldn't be Penns Creek!

All in all the fishing was decent to good, and our excursion to the bottom end of the trout water proved successful.  Anyone looking for some new holes to look at on this famous water would benefit from exploring the miles and miles of water on this end.

A Couple More Pics From The Trip
Billy Getting It Done On Nymph's

Billet Showcasing An Awesome Brown In The Open Water

Evening Spinner Fall Rewarding Billet

Great Feeling Catching Wild Brown Trout In Non Regulated Water

Perfecting The Roll Cast

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