Sunday, December 1, 2013

Orange Army Eve With Some Trout

Big Brown
Another View
He flopped out before I could get a good estimate of his size but I'm Guessing 20-22 inches
Before heading home tonight I decided to fish. It's the day before the Orange Army Takes it's toll on the deer herd here in PA, and I wanted some solitude before joining them. Hit the river from 12pm-3pm. Water was looking awesome and was flowing at 1200 cfs with a chilly temperature of 39 degrees. I rigged up some nymph's under the TB and went to work. Surprisingly the fishing was good. I landed 6 fish and had a few others on. All the trout fought extremely hard and looked very healthy. Getting back to the area I fished was not easy because the bike path was still covered in snow. The brown was almost golden looking and the rainbows were dark as could be......awesome fish and awesome day, late fall fishing at it's finest...
Typical Bow


Dark Colored Bow

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