Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Fishing: Cold Snap Turned Off The Bite

First Rainbow Out Of This Stream
I didn't have to work till 1 today so I decided to venture out into the cold and try my luck at some wild trout. Earlier this week we had an Arctic A

ir system settle in for a few days with record lows, this caused the stream temperature to go down to 36 degrees as opposed to the 39 degrees  I fished early last week. As insignificant as this may seem I think it threw off the fishing today. I started where I left off last time at the Flat Parking Lot. I set up with my Tight Line Rig but fish were hard to come by. I landed 2 in the pocket water but the takes were few and far between. I got frustrated and tried to TB in the slower water but my  luck didn't change much. I only landed 2 more. The pocket water seemed to be less active this time out, or it could of been my technique. Either way it was nice to get out, I really enjoy this winter fishing stuff.

I never mind catching brookies!

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