Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Fishing: Another Great Outing

Juicy brown fell victim to the Mikes's Midge
I had the morning free because of how my work schedule played out this week. I left the house at 6:15 am and was fishing at 7:30 am. I parked at the Flat Lot again and decided to walk down until the road came back down to meet the stream. There was a long, juicy looking run so I decided to try my luck there. I put on a tractor trailer rig (heavy point fly with 12 inches of tippet tied to the bend to add another fly) with a TB attached to the leader. I started working my way up through the hole, I lost two fish and landed 2 more. I decided to try out a Tight-Line technique because the takes were so light. I figured this would put me more in touch with the flies and hopefully I would register the light takes quicker.
Awesome Coloration

Feisty Little Guy
Closer Look Into FISH EYE
Winter Fishing At It's Best
I was right! I worked my way back through and landed 10 more fish. I have been having issues hooking into fish prior to today with this technique but I fixed one of my problems. I was leading my flies to fast  and not letting them sink properly. This time around I got into a rhythm and really got into a lot of fish. This type of nymphing is exciting because sometimes you get to feel the take.  The other big advantage is the drift. I think you really can offer up your nymph's with a drag free presentation more often than not. I even got into fish in the past pocket water which eluded me last time. I fished all the way back up to the truck and got into fish the whole way. The last big pool by the truck didn't fish well. It's a bit too deep to Tight-Line so I threw the TB back on but nothing was happening. I called it quits at noon and headed back home. Awesome day on the water can't wait to get back out!

Hot Flies:

#14-#16 BHSS
#18 Gray MM
#20 Scud
#14 WW