Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Fishing: Polar Vortex Style

The Sucker Spawn continues to be a top producer this winter
I had the chance to sleep in today on my day off but of course I woke up at 5:30 am. I had plans to ski in the evening with my sister so I had the whole day to kill. I looked at the weather channel to see Winter Storm Warnings across the area. I thought about tying flies, watching movies or reading books. Well after 10 minutes of pacing around the house I figured why not take the Tacoma out in the Blizzard to try and catch some trout???

In The Midst Of The Polar Vortex
Well it might not of been the greatest decision, but after an 1:45 minutes of traveling on snow covered roads I arrived at my destination. I rigged up a couple productive nymph's from the last few outings and went to work. I started off at the first hole by the bridge and manged 2 smaller fish after a I thoroughly picked apart the hole. I cycled through nymph's and tried different techniques but the fish weren't eating.

I'll Take Being Cold In Order To Land One Of These Guys
I decided to walk down stream below the flat lot to the Falling Rocks hole.  Same type of success here, I ended up landing 2 fish. I walked all the way back up to the truck hitting likely holding spots but fish were tough to come by. I ended up landing 7 fish, no particular nymph was knocking them dead so I caught them on an array of flies. One thing I've learned about this stream so far: when it's on hold tight because the action is intense, when it's off you better have your game face on because you will be in for a technical day of fishing. The takes I did get all had something in common, the strikes were light and the flies had to be right on the bottom, almost slower than the current for fish to eat. Maybe the Polar Vortex that is arriving effected the fishing or maybe it's just how this stream is....MOODY!

I Would Of Been Better Of Drinking Dale's Pale Ales.....

My Drive For 1:45 Minutes 

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