Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winterfishing: Ripping Lips

Dark Colored Brown
This guy was mixed in with some browns
The lack of posting hasn't been for lack of fishing that's for sure! I took my annual recruiting trip up to PSU and was able to get out on the water a few times while I was there. In certain areas the fish were stacked up in pools resulting in fun fishing under the Bobber. Depending on where you fish, the faster water with slower pockets also produced extremely well with the right fly choice. I ventured closer to home today and experienced the same productive results. I modified my leader system and my Tight-Lining Technique really has produced for me. A bunch of snagged fish early on under the TB has turned to great hook-ups in the mouth as of late. I'm sold on the effectiveness of Tight-Lining, although it does require much more work than the standard TB set-up, but I'll take it if the fish keep coming to hand like this.

I was pumped with how this one turned out

Biggest Fish Of The Day Closer To Home

Central PA Beauty 

Mike with a FREAK!

Watch Out For Those Icebergs!

Mike with a Male Brown

The Walk In Was Nice

Big Spots

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