Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Fishing: Knee Deep Snow

I had the 18th lined up in my Calendar for 2 weeks now. The plan was to to put a full-day in and slaughter fish Tight-Lining. Well a chiropractor appointment in the morning didn't allow me to start fishing till 11. The 20-30 mph winds didn't allow me to Tight-Line and the snow on the bank was 2 feet deep! I rigged up anyway and eventually got myself to the water and was chucking line against the wind by 11:30.

Break in the wind fish
I walked down to the Falling Rock Hole and planned to work my way back up to the truck. The water was as low as I've fished it this year. I was hoping the heavy weights and TB attached to the line would help the cast and it did. What didn't help was the wind blowing my line unnaturally, this caused my drifts to be out of wack the majority of the day. When I did get a break in the wind I manged to present flies good enough to catch some fish. Although numbers didn't get in the 20's like I had hoped I still manged to pick up a decent amount of fish throughout the day to keep things interesting. It wasn't the best day but at least I was fishing and not working!

Working my way upstream


  1. What a beautiful stream you are fishing and that Brookie was gorgeous. Tight lines sir and here's to Spring hopefully right around the corner.

  2. Thanks Atlas! Spring is in the air.......