Monday, March 24, 2014

Alta Ski Resort: The Skiers Mountain

Typical Powder Day At Alta
I woke up on day #2 and looked out the window. To my delight 4 inches of fresh had fallen. I quickly checked my onthesnow app and BAM!!!! Alta received 8 inches of snow! We had planned on skiing there later in the week but I knew they were notorious for dumbing down their storm totals so we packed up and headed toward Little Cottonwood Canyon. The drive from Park City took about 50 minutes. When we got to Snow Bird it was DUMPING! I couldn't wait to strap on the boots at Alta. We jumped on the Collins lift and on the ride up got too see numerous people eating face shots left and right! We got off the lift and jumped into the Ballroom Bowl. I got 10 turns in knee deep UTAH POWDER. There was at least 18 inches of light fluffy powder to shred. This is why I came out......I got lucky and hit an awesome day.

East Greenley, The Very Top Is Where The Best Powder Was
The snow stayed fresh for a few runs in the Ballroom Bowl. I got a little too crazy and tweaked my back!!! I was extremely pissed off but adrenaline kicked in and I manged to finish out the day. We explored the backside a bit and I was extremely impressed. We did numerous runs off the Sugarloaf Lift and even got to traverse over to East Greenly, a nice open bowl section with good pitch. By 1pm my back couldn't take anymore and we decided to leave.

View Coming Down Little Cottonwood Canyon
This is my second visit to Alta and both times I've been lucky enough to experience good snow falls.  The terrain here is perfect, you get off a lift and can pretty much go wherever you want, there are not many designated slopes so this place isn't for the average skier. They get 500+ inches of annual Utah Powder.....I can see why so many hard core skiers love this mountain. Alta goes to the top of my list as the best ski resort I have been too.

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