Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Update

One of the few trout from this weekend
Well March is here but you wouldn't be able to tell because we still have a solid snow pack here in the Laurel Highlands and night-time lows are still dipping into the 20's. This weekend we had a pretty good break from the cold with lot's of sunshine and temp's in the 40's. I was able to get the fly rod out and fish two tailwaters, one on Friday and another today. A few patterns that have been productive this winter have all of a sudden stopped working. The fish seem to have dialed it back a notch too. Nymphing was tough on both streams and I only manged a few trout, all coming on my second trip. By looking at the 10 day forecast it looks like spring is right around the corner though, a brief cold spell early this week will give away to warmer temps later on. Hopefully it will heat the waters up and get fish active again.

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