Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park: Day 1 - Finch Lake

For my friends bachelor party, three of us headed out to Colorado to spend 4 days in Rocky Mountain National Park. We arrived on Wednesday July 2 and wanted to hike the Ouzel Lake Trail and spend our first night in the backcountry. Mother nature had different plans for us because when we arrived at the backcountry office we were told there there was between 3-6 feet of snow at our campsite. We decided not to risk camping in the snow and ended up hiking 5 miles out to Finch Lake to spend our first night inside of RMNP. 

Finch Lake
The hike out to Finch Lake was 5 miles and for the first mile you head directly up hill on a very steep incline. The path is well marked and easy to stay on but it was a little brutal going up because there were (what felt like) hundreds of steps on your way up. The scenery was beautiful as you hike through wildflowers and pine trees the entire way to the lake. I ended up being able to throw some casts into Finch Lake but there were no fish there to take my flies. I ended up talking to a few people that said if we were to make an additional 2 mile hike to Pearl Lake that we would have found some fish to cast to. The backcountry campsite was well kept and after we set up camp we had a mule deer walk right beside our tent as she was passing through the area. The total hike out to the lake took us about 3 hours with a few stops for pictures and water breaks. Although this hike wasn't what we had planned for our first day, I wasn't disappointed with this choice. We spent the rest of the evening playing cards outside the tent and enjoying our surroundings in RMNP.

Finch Lake in the morning

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