Monday, August 4, 2014

Hot and Sunny

Butter Brown!
My brother and I met up today and almost melted in the sun! Man was it a hot one. The fishing wasn't as slow as I thought it was going to be though. We managed to pick up lots of fish in the 9-14 inch class. I was also lucky enough to get my hands around 2 pretty good browns as well. Bugs were very sparse outside the mid-day Slate Drakes that brought a few fish to the surface. Not too bad for early August!

Zit on his lip


  1. Holy smokes man you catch some SOLID trout. I am super impressed, just scrolling through. First time visitor but will definitely but you up on my blogroll and check back often.

  2. Thanks Atlas! You have some serious skills at taking pictures! I need to get a better camera and practice more so I can score some photos like you!