Friday, November 14, 2014


Satisfaction with the archery kill 

Today is the next to last day of archery season here in PA. The last 10 days has been taxing on my brain. Every morning I have woken up at 4am, walked 1 mile in the woods before sun-up and set up in various locations trying to score a good buck I have on trail camera. Mature Whitetails are extremely challenging to bring into bow range. Some sits have produced deer sightings, some haven't. I went on a 3 day stretch this week where I didn't see a single deer.....BORING! But, if you don't have patience and persistence you will never be a good archery hunter. I would love to shoot a big buck every year, it just doesn't always happen that way. So I get to a point in the season where if a legal buck walks my way he's dead. This year I held off till the last 2 days, knowing I had all day today and tomorrow morning to fill the freezer. Well after passing 9 different legal bucks up this season and missing a good 8 point, I settled on the smallest legal deer you can kill in my county, a half rack 4 point ! The size of this deer was good, and if his other side wouldn't of been busted off due to fighting he could be a mid-size rack for around my parts. He was searching for does around 8:15am and a few sounds with the grunt tube pulled him into bow range. He didn't present me a good shot so I took what I had, A SPINE SHOT. These are tricky shots but when placed right are deadly. He fell in his tracks and died shortly after. It wasn't the size of rack I had hoped for, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment filling my buck tag, I now have extended my streak to 9 straight years, only 1 of those years I had to fill it in rifle. Time to fish :) 

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  1. Congrats on the deer. My season starts next week here in Kansas, will be my second. Hope I don't get skunked.