Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lethargic Fish

Low, Clear Water 

   I was able to meet my buddy Bill for a day of fishing this week. We ventured out in the snowstorm that hit us earlier in the week. Traveling on the banks was slow going because of the 8 inches that blanketed the ground. After plowing through the snow we finally got set up and started fishing. The water was low and clear, making Tight-Lining challenging without spooking the fish. We still had at it, but numbers were low. We did managed to get a couple, some nice 15-16 inch fish. The small stuff was the only thing we were getting them on.

Nice 16 inch wild brown

   The fish just seemed lethargic the whole day. Ya I know it's winter, but usually we can fool a few more then we did today. Oh well, days like that will make you a better fisherman I guess. The wind made things challenging as well, presenting flies with a natural drift was tough. Good day out on the water though, thanks for meeting up with me Bill.....till next time!

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