Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Escapades

Winter Escapade
Cold hands are worth it for these fish

Small Stream, Good Fish

Pat scores a good fish
 I got to celebrate my birthday for a few days this week. It started out with a lovely day of skiing with my wife, then some pizza and a movie.....that's what I call a birthday. To top it all off my wife let me go fishing for a few days with my dad and my good friend Pat Burke (

   Winter fishing can be mentally challenging. Not only are you dealing with cold hands, but usually you are layered up and feel like you weigh 20 pounds heavier then you really are. Trying to move around, take pictures, cast your rod, stay dry and focused can be a challenging thing to do while spending an entire day on the water. Well we accomplished all of that in a 3 day span.

Black and White

21 inch trout that needs to eat more

   The first two days of the trip were very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Numbers were very low but the quality was extremely high. I'll take that any day of the week. Covering deeper water depressions was the ticket if you wanted to find a trout that was hungry. I caught most of my fish under the indicator because Tight-lining wasn't working for us. One certain nymph pattern was the ticket in fooling this pretty wild fish.

Hefty Little Fella
Winter Wonderland

   Day #3 proved to be the high numbers day, and I still managed to catch a few good fish as well. The snow came down hard and created a beautiful setting to end my trip. Great times were had with friends and family, a 33rd birthday I'll never forget!

Nymph Eater
One for the road

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