Wednesday, April 15, 2015

High Water Continues

Mike battling with the high water

I've been out a few times the past week in the high water that continues to plague our state's waterways. Fish are still there to be caught, but you have to be willing to battle the strong currents and fish in places you might not typically consider this time of year. I did see some surface activity on a reliable limestoner in the central part of the state....but not enough to switch to dries. BWO's, Brown Caddis and maybe a few Grannoms were flying around, but the water conditions weren't favorable to get the fish looking up to often.
One of the few places I found solitude....

Most of my luck lately has been nymphing the shallowest of riffles, it seems like the fish willing to eat have been concentrated in these areas.
Browns eager to eat in shallow water 

The crowds have been out in full force as of late.....I can't wait till Saturday hits so it gives us more options to seek solitude. The weather forecast doesn't look to promising, but that is Spring here in PA....have to make the best of what mother nature delivers us I guess.

Native Brookie 

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