Friday, August 28, 2015

Smokey Montana

Getting A Few Fish On The Gallatin 

The past few weeks Montana has scene an upswing in forest fires. As a result the awesome mountain views I was blessed with for the first few weeks have gone away. Each morning you get to wake up to the smell of forest fire and the distant views are clouded in a plume of smoke.
Don connecting with a solid stone brown 
Paradise Valley

I've been fishing for a few hours here and there, and put my first full day in on the Yellowstone this past Thursday. This river is officially kicking my butt. I did get to move a few good browns but nothing would commit to my streamer. Hopper fishing has been non-existent for me so far. The water temps were slightly high for a few weeks but recently came down after a few cold nights. The only thing I have figured out so far out here is how to slay whitefish lol. Hopefully in the coming weeks to trout turn back on and I can finally score a good Yellowstone 2 footer.....

Small Stream With Good Structure 

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