Saturday, September 12, 2015

Starting To Figure Things Out

Great Brown Laying In Shallow Water 

So I've been in Montana for 6 weeks and I finally feel like I'm starting to figure things out a little bit. My catch rate has become more consistent over the past 4 outings. Part of that is because I've decided to try and stick to 3-4 streams instead of jumping to 5-6 and never really getting to KNOW the water.
What Braid Will Fish The Best?
This Bow Took Me Into My Backing 

The section of river I have been fishing the most has been LIGHTS OUT lately. I've been able to put up really good numbers and some quality fish too. All the action has been while TL. TL is a challenge out here because of the wind. Usually if you get up early enough you can manage a few hours before the wind gets too you. The rivers are becoming void of anglers too so the fish have been much less pressured. I really hope the weather holds out for another month I could get used to this kind of fishing!

Another Quality Fish 

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