Saturday, October 24, 2015

Battling The Weeds

This Makes It Tough To Nymph
I ventured out to explore some new water today around the 406. I arrived at the stream and was surprised at the amount of weeds on the stream bottom. Low water and a warm fall haven't helped kill this stuff off yet. Even though it was challenging to keep your flies clean the fishing was very good. This place has close to 4,000 fish per mile so having confidence that your fly was going over fish wasn't really an issue.
One Of The Better Fish Today 
Billy's Super Bugger 

Average Size Brown For The Day

Scud Eater

The shallow flats and deep troughs proved to be very effective all day long. The streamer bite even turned on as the evening approached. I'll be returning in the near future in hopes to bang out some truly big fish. 

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