Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Gem In Montana

The number of tailwaters around Southwestern Montana is quite impressive. Because of this there are numerous places to visit regardless of how cold it gets. I have already crossed a few off my list and decided to do one more the other day.

The drive over to this waterway was truly impressive, I stopped along the way to try and capture a few images.
Love This Shot 

The Drive
I decided to fish the upper most access sight during the morning. A few pools close to the dam produced some pretty solid fish, actually quite surprising for how small the stream looked. It was flowing very low though, I'm sure it takes on a different character come spring. I started off Tight Lining with a Stone Fly and trailed numerous other flies off it. I typically use my Stone as an anchor fly because of the weight. I enjoy a heavy anchor fly when Tight Lining.

The consistency of pools to runs in this tailwater was truly impressive, you didn't have to walk very far to find that next fishy looking spot. I really pounded the slower moving stuff but I had better luck fishing the faster runs.....not the typical approach for winter fishing.

I never found that one fly that knocked them dead, this day was all about covering water until you found a fish that would eat. I typically use this approach when I can't seem to dial in the right pattern or I feel the fish just aren't feeding aggressively.

Butter Brown Laying At The Edge Of A Bucket

I covered a lot of water and got to see all the good holding water at this place. I will for sure return in the spring when the hatches get going, it will be fun to see this river at it's best.

Best Fish Of The Day Ate The Stone Fly 

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