Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lights Out

Buck Nasty Brown 

Spring has arrived in a big way here in the Golden Triangle. The fishing as of late is downright silly. Maybe not for the dry fly purist, but if your down with the nymph's your numbers can go off the charts if you fish hard enough. I was lucky enough to spend the last 3 days getting after it HARD. I covered lot's of water, some new and some old, ALL of it was productive with the right presentation and fly selection. I did notice some more fish taking notice to the blizzard midge hatch that seems to be pouring off all day long. In select back eddies I found a few fish podding up to devour the easy meals. I can't say enough about the conditions right now, the weather looks to be warming up at the end of the week and could result in some pre-run off clarity issues.....get out this week if you can.

Butter Brown 

Feisty Bows 

20 incher

I was in her space 

Dead Drift 

Another Good Brown 

Great Presentation Equals Great Day 

Sore Shoulders After Catching These Pigs All Day 

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