Saturday, April 30, 2016

Timing It Right For The Dry

Andy Scoring A Dandy On Day One 
Billy Scoring A Stud Rainbow 

My brothers ventured out to Montana this past week and we had ourselves one hell of a time. Local waters were limited, but that's ok because we had one river that still offered lot's of choices for fishing. The weather was overcast with rain/snow for the three days, a great recipe for bugs. And bugs we had. March Browns, Mothers Day Caddis and BWO's hatched in epic numbers. The dry fly bite was excellent on the 3rd day of the trip. The fish were not picky and a simple Adams pattern brought most fish to the net. The nymph bite was somewhat challenging and not as easy as the past few weeks. Still.....we caught enough fish to make time fly by. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Pink Is  In 
Brown 1 Out Of Andy's Riffle

Brown 2 Out Of Andy's Riffle
And The 3rd

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