Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big Bugs East To West

Andy Throwing Dries In The Mud 

The Big Bugs are popping off all over the place. Reports from back home have been very positive. The big fish are looking up for the cicadas that have been hatching for a few weeks. They finally made their way to the water and it's created a feeding frenzy. The water hasn't cooperated very much but sometimes you just need to go fish. My brother showcased that tonight.....scoring big on a dry fly in pure mud. It;s amazing how those fish will key in on a big meal regardless of the water conditions.


Salmon Fly Eater 

Back here in Montana things are the same. The famous Salmon Fly hatch is the craze around town and the fishing has been superb if you can get on the sections that they are coming off. I floated twice this past week. The first float was bad, the second was memorable. We hit things perfect and were right in the thick of things. Casting a #4 dry fly close to banks and watching fish inhale that thing is something special. Along with the Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, PMD'S, Caddis and Green Drakes have started to emerge. This is a special time out here....I'm hoping to take full advantage of the next few weeks.
Feisty Cutthroat 

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