Friday, June 3, 2016

High Mountain Stream Fun

Some Sections Of The Big Rivers Are Fishing Good 
Blue Lining 
Wild Rainbow 

I've been really busy with work and life lately so haven't been able to post. Doesn't mean I haven't been fishing though. With most of the main waterways still high and muddy due to runoff I've been exploring lots of little streams around the Bozeman area lately. This streams won't give up the big fish but that doesn't mean they aren't special places. The scenery and solitude is why I come here. The fish in these streams are not hard to fool. I've been Tight Lining the slower pockets with a big stone fly and haven't had issues catching fish. The bugs are really started to hatch good too. I fished a small mountain creek tonight and the caddis poured off. I bet you could catch your fair share of fish on bushy dry flies if you wanted too. The Salmon Fly has started to hatch on Rock Creek and The Henry's Fork, I can't wait to experience this big bug in a few weeks here in Southwestern Montana.

Nice Small Stream Brown

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