Sunday, October 16, 2016

Getting After It

This is what Andy fly out for......
This is why I love fall in Montana 
By far the biggest rainbow I ever landed 

Andy came out last Friday and we have been hitting numerous streams very hard over the past 8 days. The weather stayed pretty solid in these parts....fall temps with lows in the 30's and high's in the 50's. We did have to deal with some wind from time to time but overall we can't complain. We went after numbers on the first few days and both smaller streams fished pretty well. After we got the rod bent numerous times we were ready to chase some big fish. Our travels took us to places all over Southwestern Montana. We connecting on numerous good fish that put the exclamation point on the trip. Browns are getting really territorial for spawning season  and we even saw some of the first redds of the year. I believe things are happening a bit earlier then last year, could be a sign that winter will be here to stay in no time. The next few weeks should be off the hook here....get out while you can.

Those Fall Colors 
Solid Fish 
Red Spots Anyone? 
Fat And Healthy 
Another Slob Rainbow 
Not A Steelhead 
Another Brown Gem 
Great spots on this guy 
Braving The Cold For Fish Like This 
Even the small streams were yielding good fish 

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