Saturday, November 26, 2016

Changing Of The Seasons

Tank Of A Rainbow 

The weather pattern here in Montana has been a strange one the past few weeks. I felt like when Andy was out here Old Man Winter was knocking at the door. Not so much. High's are still reaching the upper 40's some days and the night-time lows are at or above freezing. I would say that most rivers are in post-spawn mode at the moment although you will still see many fresh redds out there if you go out so watch your step! I've been limited on time lately and spent most of my quick outings close to home. The Brown Trout seem to be in a lethargic state at the moment. I've had some trouble connecting with them on a regular basis...most of my subsurface fishing has been spotty. The Rainbows are taking up refuge in the slower deeper water, so if you do get out make sure you spend the majority of your time there. Some midges have been hatching around 11am and if your in the right spot and get lucky you might get to throw on some dry flies.
Another Beast Of  A Bow 

Winter is one of my favorite times to fish. There's some pretty good fishing to be had if your willing to brave the elements. Invest in proper clothing and you will be surprised at how long you can last out there.......

These Guys Have Been Hard To Come By 

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