Sunday, April 7, 2019

Inside Seams

Took a nice long 3 day weekend to the Missoula area this weekend. Haven't spent anytime fishing around there and the hype didn't disappoint. We spent time in the drift boat and chasing fish on foot. Didn't matter where we went the fish cooperated. Even though it may be spring, the fish are still acting like it's winter. The key to the trip was fishing soft inside seams that were 3-5 feet deep. Fish were still in winter lies and NOT spread out around the river at all. We had to cover lots of water looking for the right stuff before we got into our NUMBERS. The skwala bite was weak in the Upper End of the river, so we opted to fish the worm and Rubber Leg. That combo is downright silly all over the state right now, doesn't matter what watershed you go to......that's all you need. We didn't see any signs of spawning fish up there yet, water temp is frigid. On the way home we stopped at the Big Hole and caught a bunch of fish. From the headwaters to Wise River......the damn thing is STILL frozen bank to bank. Crazy year out here in Montana.

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